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Become a real estate investor without the hassle. We find, fix and flip residential properties in Atlanta. You share in the profits.

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We have extremely limited Atlanta real estate investment opportunities. Get on our list to be notified when we have a new opportunity available.

Resideum Makes Real Estate Investing Simple

We do the hard work. You pick the project you want to invest in.

Simple 3-Part System

Find a house

1. Find

We carefully examine dozens and sometimes hundreds of properties before we buy anything. Only the best opportunities meet our criteria for purchase.

Painting ceiling

2. Fix

Through our sister renovation company, we repair, renovate or rebuild the property. We control the process, so we can manage costs and the schedule to get the property ready FAST!

3. Flip

Selling our investment properties quickly allows you to receive the highest possible return in the shortest amount of time. Through our #1 ranked sister real estate brokerage, we quickly sell the property.

Available Investment Opportunities

These are our latest projects that need an investor partner.

Completed Projects

Examples of our many successful projects.

Investing in Real Estate with Resideum Is An Excellent Choice


High Demand

Our investment properties are in Atlanta, which is expected to grow by almost 3 million people in the next 30 years. Prices are rising.


Short Investment Period

Investing in real estate is about speed. We get in. Renovate. And get out. Your investment is not for years, but for a small window of time.


Steady Returns

While no investment is absolutely guaranteed, our proven track-record of high return on investment makes investing with Resideum an excellent choice.

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